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TrackMate™ Self-tracking Smartphone Base

TrackMate™ Self-tracking Smartphone Base

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Capture Perfect Videos Every Time with Auto-Tracking Smartphone Gimbal Base 🎥👌

The TrackMate™ Self-tracking smartphone base provides a steady and smooth gimbal-like operation for auto-tracking of your smartphone. Its durable construction ensures it won't shift or vibrate during use, delivering reliable results every time. Whether you use it for vlogging, streaming livestreams, or any other application, the TrackMate™ guarantees a professional-grade experience.

📱 Hands-free tracking ensures smooth and stable footage for your TikTok videos.

🤳 180° rotation allows for seamless switching between selfie and rear-facing camera.

🔋 Long battery life provides up to 8 hours of filming time on a single charge.

📱 Universal phone holder fits all smartphone sizes, with or without a case.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Absolutely love it! Makes filming so much easier and the auto-tracking is a game-changer!"

  • Jenna, Los Angeles

    Get Perfectly Stable Videos Every Time! 🎥👌

Take your TikTok videos to the next level with our auto-tracking smartphone gimbal base.

No App required

Easy setup. No special apps or Bluetooth needed!

  1. Place your smartphone into Gimbase’s holder
  2. Adjust vertical angle and orientation (if needed)
  3. Turn Gimbase on - it will automatically start keeping the phone centered on you

That’s it! It just works right out of the box.

Make filming easier with hands-free tracking, 360° rotation, and a long battery life.

Elevate your TikTok game and take advantage of our limited time offer to save 50% off your purchase today.

30 Day Guarantee 🤝


  1. What phones are compatible with this gimbal base?
    Every phone fits, with our universal holder you can use it with any phone model availlable!

  2. How do I charge the gimbal base?
    Simply plug Gimbase into a normal phone charger, battery pack, or computer, etc. We include a free USB-C charging cable in every box.

  3. How long does the gimbal battery last?
    With a 2200 mAh built-in rechargeable battery, Gimbase works continuously for 6-8 hours when fully charged.

  4. Can I use this gimbal base for other social media platforms besides TikTok?
    Of course, use it for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or any other platform you like.

  5. Does it work with both the front and rear phone cameras?
    Yes! You can use the cameras on either side of your smartphone. Simply flip the phone around in the holder to switch. Be sure to toggle the camera setting on your phone as well!

  6. Does it need any special apps?
    No special apps are required - everything Gimbase needs to function properly is already built-in. Since Gimbase is not tied to any apps, you are free to use any camera or video app on your phone. You can also use Gimbase with all types of smartphones - no Bluetooth connection of any kind is needed.
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