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Privacy Screen Protector | (5 times more resistant than conventional ones)

Privacy Screen Protector | (5 times more resistant than conventional ones)

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Never worry again if someone is spying on your things!

Use your phone freely!

• Highly resistant to impacts and scratches
Protects your passwords, photos, conversations, etc.
• Only one that doesn't affect screen quality
• Only you can see the screen content
• Smooth and responsive touch
• Available for all models

It's embarrassing when you're viewing something intimate and realize someone is spying on your screen, isn't it?

But with NanoCeramic PRO®, going through that is a choice! In addition to protection against impacts and scratches, this film will give you total privacy, as only you will be able to see the content on your phone's screen! Anyone nearby will only see a black screen as if the device were turned off.



  1. Just: Clean the screen with the cloth and remove any dirt;
  2. Position it on the screen and press;
  3. Ready! Now just enjoy and enjoy your privacy!

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